Residents heckle Ga West MCE; threaten ‘no vote’ in 2020 over bad roads

Some of the angry residents

Some residents of Mayera and Amasaman in the Greater Accra region on Tuesday blocked major roads in the area to put pressure on authorities to fix their roads, which they say, are in deplorable state.

For more than five hours, the residents used stones, tables and burning tyres to block the road, leaving passengers and drivers stranded. Some passengers had to get off their vehicles to walk to areas they could get other vehicles to continue their journey.

Some passengers were forced to walk to cross the blockade

Municipal Chief Executive for the Ga West, Clement Wilkinson,  who arrived at the scene to speak to the residents, was heckled and prevented from making any comments.

According to the residents, they have had enough of the talks and all they want is  the construction of the road.

Police personnel from Pokuase who were in the area to ensure the protest was peaceful were forced to call for reinforcement as they had difficulty controlling the crowd of residents who wore red and black to signify their anger.

According to them, residents say several attempts to get the roads fixed have proved futile, as successive governments have failed to deliver on their promise of fixing the Pokuase-Afiaman-Abensu-Mayera-Adusah roads despite numerous assurances.

They say they have had enough promises from politicians and would not take part in the 2020 general elections if the roads are not fixed.

Assemblyman for the Mayera electoral area, Kwabena Appiah, who also told that several attempts to get the roads fixed have proven futile.

The residents have  given government a two-week ultimatum to start the construction of the roads in the area.


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