Republic Day: President Mahama grants amnesty to 900 prisoners

President John Mahama has granted amnesty to 900 prisoners to mark Republic Day on Wednesday, July 1, 2015.

According to a statement from the interior ministry, the  presidential pardon was granted based on ill health, advanced age and satisfactory behavior of inmates.

The 900 pardoned prisoners include 883 first offenders of good behavior who have served half or more of their sentences, one elderly prisoner, and one prisoner who is very ill.

Also fourteen prisoners on death row who have served at least ten years have had their sentences commuted to life imprisonment, and one prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment who has served ten years has had his sentence commuted to a definite term of 20 years.

The president, according to the Interior Ministry statement, has asked them to conduct themselves properly to avoid breaking the law again.

The President also urged the general public and families of beneficiaries to receive the pardoned prisoners back and help integrate into society.

He said the pardoned prisoners should be assisted to live meaningful lives and contribute to society.

The amnesty granted to the prisoners is in the exercise of the President’s prerogative of mercy under Article 72 of the 1992 Constitution.

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