Repair works at Kpone doesn’t guarantee power supply to Yilo and Manya Krobo – ECG

The Tema Regional branch of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) says it cannot guarantee when the residents of the Yilo and Manya Krobo municipalities of the Eastern Region would have power supply even though repair works on some transformers have begun.

The ECG says all their equipment are in the public domain and as such they are not safe while working within these municipalities so until they are assured of safety of the workers, it cannot guarantee when the repair works would be completed for power to be restored.

Hundreds of residents living in these two municipalities have been in the dark for weeks due to a stand-off between some youth groups and the ECG.

There were assurances from the ECG on the restoration of power to these areas over the weekend but as at Monday, August 15, 2022, power has not been restored, according to the ECG.

Giving the updates on 3FM’s Sunrise on Monday hosted by Alfred Ocansey, the Tema Regional Public Affairs Director of the ECG, Sekyiwaa Mensah explained that “we have had some repair work at the bulk supply port at Kpone”.

“We began over the weekend but to enter into the hinterlands to work on the lines and the transformers, that one, we cannot do it since we are not sure of the safety of our workers”.

She explained that “we cannot tell exactly how long it will last but all we are asking for is safe environments to be able to work”.

“If we are going to work in a public place and are going to be threatened, we cannot do that. All our equipment are in public domains that are not safe for us to work”.

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Madam Mensah said “for now, we cannot tell the time lines”.

“We have not restored power yet because we have not been able to do much work to be able to assure the safety of our staff. We are doing some repair works and until they are done, we cannot assure power supply to these areas”.

She explained that “we are not sure of our equipment now. It can cause a lot of havoc if they are not properly fixed so we have to be extra careful to fix whatever needs to be fixed”.

By Kweku Antwi-Otoo|3FM Sunrise||Ghana