Remove Mac Manu in two-weeks over ‘family contracts’ else… – GPHA workers

Workers of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) are demanding the removal of their board chairman, Peter Mac Manu, who they have accused of conflict of interest and bad corporate governance practices.

The workers say they have gathered “enough evidence” to back the catalogue of allegations, which they argued, warrant Mr. Mac-Manu’s removal from office.

They have consequently given the government a two-week ultimatum to dismiss him or face their wrath.

At a news conference in Takoradi Thursday, the Tema Senior Staff Union said they have evidence that Mr. Mac Manu has awarded contracts to his wife and children who are pricing services they are rendering to GPHA at cut-throat prices.

Some of the workers at the news conference

According to them, the board chair has seven companies all of which have been given contracts at the Port. Five of these companies they say, are into stevedoring while the two others are into cleaning.

“Three of his children are the biggest suppliers now to the Authority” the workers alleged.

Mr. Mac Manu, they claimed, has obtained for himself a GHC4 million wiring contract for the newly constructed Electrical and Material Block of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority.

Peter Mac Manu

Also, “the board chairman’s wife has taken over the ticketing for staff travels and the Authority is being priced at cut-throat prices,” they claimed.

Chairman of the Tema Senior Staff Union, John Aseeph, who addressed the news conference alleged Mr. Mac Manu has been using his position to circumvent procurement processes in order t acquire for himself a tug boat (Tema Manhean).

“Spare parts have been procured to refurbish this tug recently,” he added.

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He is again said to be mounting pressure on management of GPHA “to pay over GHC10 million to Britak Steel Company Ltd over a matter that is in court”.

Mr. Mac Manu attempted to sell a 24vdc caterpillar engine starter, which goes for GHC9, 000 from Mantrac to the Authority at the cost of GHC30, 000 to the Authority from his supply company.