Regardless of what he puts you through, stay loyal to your man – Michael Blackson advises women

Regardless of what he puts you through, stay loyal to your man – Michael Blackson
Michael Blackson and Rada
Michael Blackson has a word of advice for the ladies as wedding bells ring in his home. Despite his cheating scandal, his girlfriend Rada accepted his marriage proposal. 

The American-based Ghanaian comedian proposed to his girlfriend, Rada, on the BreakfastClub show. Michael and Rada recently got back together after Rada broke up with him during one of his visits to his home country, Ghana. Rada accused him of chronic cheating and disrespect but agreed to marry him yesterday.

According to Michael is the hallmark of a great woman. A great woman stays by her man’s side no matter what he puts her through. He wrote, “Meet the future Mrs Blackson @mzradadarling. Ladies, men look for loyalty. Regardless of what we put you through, stay loyal to your man because we are fuck ups but we will eventually do the right thing. Nothing good comes easy so trust in God, and what’s meant to happen will happen. I’m blessed to have Rada by my side, she’s the definition of a great woman.”

Michael also praised Rada for holding her own place in the relationship. Rada is a model and real estate agent making her own money. 

“Most of my haters call her a gold digger but believe me, Rada has never asked for a penny from me. She’s very independent, and she’s actually the one that takes care of me. Plus, I’m allowed a side chick a month. Lol.”

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana



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