Refugees at Ampain Camp endure poor living condition

Refugees at the Ampain Camp in the Western region are lamenting that the poor condition of shelters is causing them several illnesses and contraction of diseases.

Many also say they lack funds to renew their NHIS cards, preventing them from accessing healthcare.

TV3 news team visited Emmanuel Debla’s shelter; he is an Ivorian refugee who currently works with the Ampain Camp security team.

His one bedroom shelter numbered AA761, in which he has been living for over 7 years, also accommodates his wife and four children.

Debla’s shelter is in a poor state, the team was met with a wave of heat upon entry.

This condition is not exclusive to him, as most of the refugees in the camp are enduring similar living conditions.

The team also visited Viviane Guehi Gbani’s shelter; she is a mother of three and a petty trader at the Ampain refugee market.

Her youngest son has problem with his bladder but is unable to pay the hospital fee of 1,000 cedis to get him scanned and subsequently treated.

In spite of the poor living conditions at the camp, they expressed fear returning home.

Following the trauma faced by most of these refugees in their home countries forcing them to flee, they are calling for increased support from government and aid agencies.

By Natalie Fort| TV3 |Ampain| Western Region

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