Reduced to 6, quest for top spot on Spear of Survival gets tighter

Some questers on the Survival Island[/caption] The survival circle keeps narrowing in as the weeks go by on TV3’s survival test reality show, Spear of Survival. With four contestants falling out of the competition in the previous episode, the contest becomes keener and keener for the remaining six and survival in the jungle is expected to become more challenging than ever before. From today, we shall have the surviving six – Mandela, Allotey, Kwame, Diamond, Isaac and Phina. It will take intellect, might, wit, agility and a bit of grace perhaps for contestants to claim the enviable prize at stake at the end of the 13-week reality show – One SUV and a GH 25,000. So far, it has been exciting how young men and women who are individually unique consolidate their efforts to perform tasks and overcome challenges in a jungle life. Spear of Survival is a must-watch for both for individuals and corporate entities. By P.D Wedam||Ghana ]]>

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