Red Eye discharged from rehab but under observation – Hammer

Red Eye discharged from rehab but under observation - Hammer
Hammer and Red Eye

Da Hammer updates Ghanaians on Red Eye of 2Toff rehabilitation treatment during an interview on Showbiz 297, discussing the connection between musicians and drug abuse.

According to Hammer, Red Eye responded well to treatment. He added that Red Eye is currently recuperating at home but receives weekly home calls from his sponsors. After seeing the disturbing viral video of music producer Red Eye in a depleting state, Hammer took it upon himself to take him off the streets.

After a frantic search, Red Eye was found holed up near the fishing harbour at Tema New Town, where he was bundled up and taken to Chosen Rehab Center in Achimota.

In the interview, Hammer shared his views on how creatives get involved with drugs, subsequently becoming addicts. He pointed out that most people end up broken after facing disappointments in the industry.

Hammer gave examples like being paid less and taken feeling used after putting in hard work leads to frustrations and seeking solace in drugs and alcohol.

“With Redeye, I think he really gave his all to the industry when he came into the industry as a producer. He was taken advantage of. A lot of music he did it for peanuts or no money at all. It’s very frustrating when these guys go through this. And at a point in time, they don’t feel appreciated. And I think that is how many of these guys go into this habit.”

Da Hammer also mentioned that having a purposed serves as a deterrent from relapsing while revealing the Red Eye has started a foundation and campaign to fight substance and alcohol abuse.

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