Recycle Up! Ghana celebrates its SNV GrEEN incubation programme participants


Recycle-Up! , a sustainable waste management and environmental conservation organization which doubles as a mentoring hub for young entrepreneurs has celebrated some participants in its SNV-GrEEn Incubation Programs in the .

The SNV-Green and Enterprise Opportunities in Ghana (SNV-GrEEn) program aims to improve the ability of , and returning to take advantage of job and entrepreneurship opportunities in green and climate-resilient local economies.

As a partner in this project, Recycle Up! Ghana took some three entrepreneurs through an intensive three month training program on business management and financial literacy.

In a graduation ceremony, the entrepreneurs who are the 5th cohort of the program were charged to be resilient in order to stay afloat in business.

While urging them to prioritize the needs of their customers, a corporate trainer and entrepreneurship coach, Rita Krampah underscored the need to build strong social networks.

“Networking is so important for your to grow because you will need customers and people who will make referrals for your company and also don't underestimate the importance of your customers. They are the ones bringing the so you have to make sure your services and products are geared towards their satisfaction.

“Your focus must be on the needs of the customers and you must be flexible and willing to consider their feedbacks. Customers don't buy services and products but they buy the benefits so if is going to benefit them be ready to integrate their feedbacks. Entrepreneurship is not easy but build that resilience and say that I started this and I'm going to finish it. Remember that Rome was not built in a day but a part of Rome was built everyday”, she entreated.

The business advisor at SNV, Fredrick Acquah, iterated the need to partner Recycle Up Ghana to implement the SNV-GrEEn project.

“We have worked with Recycle Up! Ghana for the past three years and they have been able to many young people to become entrepreneurs when scouting for partners to ensure a safer and sustained environment through entrepreneurship we decided to work with Recycle Up! Ghana.

Our focus is to reduce irregular migration and the only way people will not migrate is when their pasture is green. So we are creating the environment that will help entrepreneurs to grow through this GrEEn project”, he said.

A participant of the SNV-GrEEn Program and co-founder of BP Adwinsah Farms, Emmanuel Boamah has shared his experience during

“The program offered us the opportunity to share ideas and learn from each other. Financial management is very important in every business and out of this program we have learnt how to keep financial records, how to handle our customers and to build social networks”, said.

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