Recent Covid cases present little or no symptoms – Noguchi

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The Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research has expressed worry over the change of forms the Covid virus has been taking.

Dr. Joseph Kofi Humphrey Bonney, a senior research fellow with the institute, has stated that it is beginning a bit freighting especially looking at the rise in the cases being recorded in the country.

He said “we have established the fact that now the symptoms are not clear, they are not what we used to see. You’ll see the person is having responsible distress, he is having things like cough and malaria but now, they are symptoms.”

He added, “we initially did not associate with COVID that are coming up so if you do not test and the person dies, yes we can co- mobilities, they’ll establish that as the cause of death when actually the COVID complicated it.”
He believes that more people are dying of the virus than it is being recorded “I am saying that COVID is killing more people than we are recording.”

Reacting to recent development in the increasing rate of death and active cases, Dr. Kofi Bonney, who spoke to Alfred Ocansey on the 3FMSunrise Morning Show has noted that the virus will continue to mutate as long as the virus continues to circulate.

“So long as we are having the virus circulating in the people, we are going to have more variant coming up. in other words the virus grow and when it is growing because it grows rapidly, it makes mistakes in the genetic makeup and that is what resolved in subsets or what we grow variants”.

He adds “so the best we can do to stop the emergence of the variant is to curtail the spread of the virus but so long as it continues to spread among the population, we are going to have new variants, so I am not surprised to hear the delta plus in some parts of the world and it will not take them too long to get here because we are yet to do the next badge test.”