Rebranding: MzAK, now Akorfa

Hi! I am Akorfa. Most of you know me by the name MzAk but now call me Akorfa. My journey on radio started at Ghana Institute of Journalism, GIJ when I was hosting the campus midmorning show. When you are in school and trying out things like this (radio) it usually starts out as a fun adventure. Then you think to yourself: ” this is something I could actually make a career out of”. The passion grows when you realise the level of impact you are making. You fall in love with your listeners and seek ways to give them the best of you. Why Akorfa? 3 years of using the pseudonym “MzAK” at TV3 threw the greatest challenge to me in diverse ways. It meant learning new things about my craft and myself.  It meant proving to my listeners I could be their anchor and muse when they listened to me. I also discovered my voice and personality throughout these years. There have been some high and low moments but like Maya Angelou will put it …STILL I RISE. I believe the time to take my career to the next level is here. I believe change is inevitable and the time is right for me to express that change through my work. The AK from MzAK means Akorfa, I made that decision to drop the Mz because I wanted to own my name in its entirety. Shape my identity to be authentic and earthy so when you hear my name you get the sense of originality not only in my voice but in my identity. I can’t wait to share Akorfa with you. I can’t wait to tell this story in my own voice because I am

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A-rticulate K-een O– ptimistic R– eal Have F– abulous Faith and A-dmirable I am AKORFA My Shows I host and produce the ‘Wind Down’ show on 3FM Monday to Wednesday 8-10pm, Campus Rocks’ show Saturdays at 11am to 1pm ‘Corporate Playlist’ on Sundays 10am to 12pm. Social Buzz and Ent Today on 3FM drive weekdays (3pm and 5pm) 360 trending on Giovani Caleb’s showbiz 360 @TV3 on Friday nights at 9pm Follow Me: Facebook @Akor Fa Instagram @iamakorfa_ Twitter @iamakorfa_ By Slyvia Akorfa||Ghana]]>