Read excerpt from Rawlings’ last June 4 speech

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is marking the 42nd June 4 anniversary today Friday June 4 2021.

For the first time in the history of the party, the celebration is without the Founder of the Party Jerry John Rawlings following his demise late last year.

Below are excerpts from his last June 4 speech…

The material and immaterial corruption in this country would not have undermined our ability and capabilities to the extent where the authority of truth would have been so badly undermined by the corrupted truth of authority.

In other words, the authority of truthfulness should not be undermined by the words or supposed truths of those in positions of power or authority.

The morality and authority of truth is godly and divine and it should always supersede and override the truth of the authority of mortals.

We have so mastered the art of untruth in our books, on our radios, on our televisions and now through the Internet so much so that historical truths and facts are struggling to be recognized.

People are paid a lot of corrupt money to distort and lie about historical truths.


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