Rawlings cautions Ghana’s military against intimidating posture on election day

Former President Rawlings
Former President Rawlings
Former President Jerry John Rawlings has advised Ghana’s military against any form of intimidation on December 7 to allow the people choose a president and members of parliament.
Making reference to the recent warning issued by the heads of the Armed Forces, President Rawlings said there is the need for the rank and file of the forces to lookout for the possibility of being misused.
“The Armed Forces has its reputation to guard. Intimidating posturing must be avoided at all costs in order to allow the will of the people to prevail,” he said in a statement issued Wednesday.
He cautioned against the use of harsh language by the security agencies, noting they “are capable of being firm, but fair without being abusive, threatening or aggressive.
“The use of threatening or menacing language at this point in time can be very ill placed and counter-productive,” he cautioned, noting that the President has declared that no blood will be shed in his quest to retain power.
President Rawlings further touched on the recent inter-party violence, which he said continue to linger but pointed out that Ghana cannot afford to derail its constitutional process that it embraced some 25 years ago.
“Unfortunately, with exactly one week to go before the election, the political campaign rhetoric is strewn with invectives, threats and counter-threats,” he observed, adding “We have a few days to ensure that the process of electing a President and Members of Parliament is devoid of explosive, foul-scented gas”.
He has thus urged all stakeholders in the country, especially politicians, to protect the peace and unity of Ghana, adding, “The desire to win the people’s mandate should be an exercise that is pursued in a peaceful, decorous and all-embracing manner.
“The electorate needs to have confidence not only in the political parties but also in the security services, and the Electoral Commission. This cannot be compromised,” he underscored.
“While cautioning all stakeholders to operate above reproach, I also enjoin all Ghanaians to remain resolute and vigilant and ensure that the electoral process is transparent, free and fair,” he said.
By Stephen Kwabena Effah|3news.com|Ghana

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