Putting money in people’s pocket is mediocrity – Blay flays Mahama

The Acting National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Mr Freddie Blay has described President Mahama’s intention “to put money into the pockets of Ghanaians” in 2016 as a sign of mediocrity.

According to him, the government is incapable and is only good at “bringing cost and inflating cost in the country”.

“The government is unable to provide crude oil, they cannot pay for energy and that’s where the incompetence is. Some workers are not being paid but they are still expected to cope with hardship and you tell us that you will put money in our pockets? That’s a sign of mediocrity” he stated.

Mr Blay was speaking on ONUA 95.1 FM’s afternoon programme “Ghana Dadwen” hosted by Bright Asempa.

Citing some of his personal observation of the current government, he mentioned incompetence and corruption as some of the key elements that have dominated the economy. Even though a few things went wrong during President Kufuor’s administration, on the whole, things went far better as compared to the current government, he analysed.

For instance, he said, the level of incompetence exhibited by the Mahama-led government sent the country back to IMF when the country had come out of the fund years ago.

Also, the Acting National Chairman noted that the unskilled nature of government’s appointees has affected Ghana’s development drive compared with African countries such as Togo, Nigeria and among others.
He said “Ghana is among the worse countries on the African continent. Togo and Nigeria are moving up and Ghana which uses to be the best has gone down and this is as a result of incompetence”.

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Mr Blay also debunked the rumours that some members of the New Patriotic Party have stolen the party’s money and kept it in a secret account.

“A committee was set up to investigate this whole issue and nothing like that came up. There’s nothing like a secret account anywhere” he stated.

Richie Ankrah & Lydia Ezit/3news.com