PURC must be seen as real regulators – CPA charges


The Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) is demanding a load shedding schedule for Ghanaians for recent unannounced power outages.

The Agency is also urging government communicators to desist from being spokespersons for institutions, who have experts to keep Ghanaians apprised of issues relating their jobs.
Speaking to the media on the need for a timetable to enable consumers keep track of the erratic power supply, consumer right advocate and the brain behind the CPA, Kofi Kapito, said if service providers like the Volta River Authority, GRIDCO and the likes can make maintenance announcements, then the onus lies on PURC to liaise with the Electricity Company of Ghana to give Ghanaians a ‘Dumsor’ timetable to enable them plan their homes and businesses well.
On whether the CPA had made attempts in curbing this issue by way of one-on-one meeting with the service providers and the PURC or simply ok with the current situation, Mr Kapito said: “I don’t have any problem with Dumsor.
“My biggest problem is not being able to know what I should do… because like I said if Ghana says we don’t have power, what are we going to do? If there is no power there is no power but don’t sell to me a false hope.
“Ghanaians should have a timetable to know how to manage the situation. PURC is fond of coming to tell us that there’s going to be increase. Their other mandate is to make sure that consumer issues are also addressed. Let us get a time table….”
He also spoke against government spokespersons always in the media defending and trying to explain technical issues while the experts with in-depth understanding sit aloof.
“Let the people in the utilities come and explain the situation to Ghanaians for us to understand. The excuses are too many. You hear this, the next day it is another thing… If an expert speaks, he will speak as an expert, he will not talk as a talking-head. I am urging government and government spokes-people and even the political parties as well, let the technocrats come and advise Ghanaians as to how the challenges of the power situation are.”
By Abena Dufie Aboagye|Onua FM||Ghana
Twitter: @3Newsgh

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