Public sector jobs are for sale – Consultant claims

A consultant, Peter Bismarck Kwoffie has refuted claims that NABCO trainees have been absorbed permanently in the public sector.

In an interview with Berla Mundi on New Day, the consultant disputes the statement made by some government officials, describing it as false.

He asserts that the people said to have been employed are those who have on their own searched for jobs and got employed.  He claims that most public sector jobs are being sold at a fee of about 10,000 Ghana cedi or more.

This is a claim some trainees have also made, alleging that they are been rejected by institutions for some unidentified people who had probably used devious means in securing their slots.

“You know jobs are being sold in the country. Public sector jobs are sold everywhere. As much as 10, 000 cedis, 15,000 and 20,000 Ghana cedis are on. I was even carrying out a one man demonstration on that people are collecting 20,000 if u can afford that. You’re okay. You get the job in the province. It does not matter the qualification or job experience. If u can pay the money, u get the job. Public sector jobs are for sale.  These things are open secrets, they are there. Take your cameras and go out there you ask those who pay to get job. The reason why corruption won’t end in police is because some paid to enter. Now they borrowed lots of money from individuals, from family members. Now when they enter, it means that you have to refund the money. So they do all means that’s why you see police officers in cars in police vehicles taking individuals to ATM to withdraw money. These are some of the things that contribute, some of the things you see in Ghana Police Service.”

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He added that the Finance minister’s statement urging the people of Ghana to start entrepreneurial business is not entirely a fact. His opinion was that, a lot of people lack entrepreneurial skills needed to operate the business and as such government should roll out measures to solve the unemployment menace.

“I want to talk about the entrepreneurship thing, you know is not everyone that has entrepreneur behavior. So there are individuals that have entrepreneur ambitions with no entrepreneur behavior. So moneys can be given to people, the World Bank, money have been given to startup business. But no businesses because the entrepreneurial behavior is not develop. Is absent but the ambitions’ are there but behavior is not there and so that is what we are missing.”

By Aaliyaa Duvi-Rony||Ghana