Prudential Life Insurance partners 3FM’s Fat2Fit Challenge

Prudential Life Insurance Ghana has partnered 3FM’s Fat-to-Fit Challenge as the headline sponsor for the next five years. 3FM’s Fat2Fit Challenge is set to commence on Saturday, September 19. The top Ghanaian weight management event helps participants lose weight and stay fit and healthy. Against the background that many must have gained weight by staying indoors during the lockdown, the Challenge comes at an opportune time to get in shape. Chief Finance Officer of Prudential Life Insurance Cherise Ige said health and fitness is a thing her outfit takes seriously. “For us, when it comes to health and well-being that is something that we try to push forward because we want people to live longer,” she said. Prudential Life’s Chief Strategy Officer, Tetteh Ayitevie, noted: “It’s because we have shared ideals between 3FM, ideals of what Fat2Fit are and what Prudential stands for, and we did mention our purpose is to help our customers get the most out of life. “People cannot get the most out of life if they are not fit and healthy to live productive lives,” he said. General Manager for MG Radio Abraham Asare said the partnership will boost the programme and urged people to come and sign up and join the programme, which starts on Saturday. Prudential Life Insurance offers a wide range of products including, Life Plan, Ultimate Hospital Plan, Ultimate Educational Support Plan and Travel Insurance Plan. Executives present at the signing ceremony included Prudential Life’s , Head of Marketing and Communications, Frances Baaba Ofori, Media General Commercial’s General Manager, Daniel Amartey-Amarh, and Sola Aklamati, Head of 3FM.

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By Emmanuel Raphael Samani||Ghana]]>