Professor urges collective responsibility in UCC-Amamoma 'impasse'

Prof Francis Ofei says the School of Medical Sciences will reach out to the Amamoma community
The Dean of School of Medical Sciences at the University of Cape Coast (UCC), Professor Francis Ofei, has said curbing unwanted pregnancy in the Amamoma community near the university is a collective responsibility.
Leadership of the community reportedly vowed to force UCC students, who impregnate ladies in the community without taking responsibilities, into marrying the victims.
The Amamoma community is located close to UCC, providing accommodation for many continuous students over the years.
Irrespective of the proximity of the community to the university, the level of education there is on the minimal.
Many residents of the community share houses with different students every academic year while others provide domestic services for them at a cost.
The chief of the community has reportedly expressed displeasure about some students who allegedly do not take responsibilities after impregnating ladies in the community.
But students have various concerns while some residents also offer their backing.
“But it is not only UCC students on campus who tend to be irresponsible fathers,” one Ataa Kakra told “For example, the father of my first child is from this very community but has not bought a single food since the past ten years. My second child’s father is from Krachi Nkwanta in the Volta Region but since I gave birth he hasn’t been even picking my calls.”
Dean of the School of Medical Sciences Professor Francis Ofei is, however, calling for a collective effort to curb the situation.
“It needs a more concerted effort a whole study of the social environment,” Prof Ofei said.
“I’m sure that different departments in this University and people in the management will all be looking at how best we can discuss this issue with the community to resolve it. I think that now that it has come up, we need to look at it properly in a long term.”
Prof Ofei disclosed that the School of Medical Services will be reaching on Wednesday to the people of Amamoma to create awareness on Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).
By Spencer Kwabena Boateng Mensah|TV3||Ghana

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