Problematic 1992 Constitution was imposed on Ghanaians – Agyemang-Duah

A Former United Nations Senior Advisor, Professor Baffour Agyeman-Duah, has said that the 1992 Constitution has so many deficiencies that are impeding the development of the nation.

He stated on the New Day show with Johnnie Hughes on TV3 Monday March 28, that the constitution was imposed on Ghanaians despite the consultative process it went through.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Kuffuor Foundation noted that Ghana’s development has been cyclical owing to the defects in the constitution.

He said “By now, I believe strongly that our academicians, our intellectuals, CSOs and politicians, all of us should have put our brains together to really find out why our development seem to be cyclical.”

Asked what caused the development to be cyclical, he said “It is a mixed of people we get as leaders on all fronts and the system that we have imposed on ourselves.

“First of all, you take the 4th Republic, I think we can argue because we have succeeded for 30 years without any problem, it has been resilient and therefore we are happy with that.

“But the truth is that this constitution was imposed on us, in many ways despite the fact that there was consultative assembly. The fact is that that the constitution has so many deficiencies especially when we consider that the political rhetoric at the time was more for people.

“But what we see is a democracy that is imposed at the top and down there you have little democratic activities and that I think it is a big minus,” he said.

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By Laud Nartey||Ghana