Private Jet operation : Transport Ministry accused of failing in its oversight duty

A Ranking Member on the Roads and Transport Committee of Parliament, Kwame Agbodza has faulted the ministry of transport for failing to ensure its oversight responsibility on the contract to Macdan Shipping for the establishment of a private jet Terminal at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA).

He has also uncovered a directive from the Ghana Airport Company (GACL) to Frontier Health to open a Covid testing facility at the private jet terminal seeking to enable the operations of MacDan Aviation.

Mr Agboadza speaking to the media says the ministry has been given one week ultimatum to furnish the Committee with the way forward on the Macdan private jet operation.

“So far we don’t have any have any evidence that in the past the Ministry of its agencies never raised an issue of breach on behalf of Macdan which led to admonishment or a sanction or a punishment.

“That is why we feel that if you claim somebody has been breaching your orders for almost three years how come you never took any decision to punish or to let the public know.

“Since the Minister has never proven that they carried out any thing like that we are suspicious that something different happened that 31st and and it couldn’t have been that MacDan per say was breaching any of their rules. There could be issues beyond that.”

The Ghana Airport Company Limited (GACL) has granted ,Mac Dan the permit to operationalize his Private Jet at the Terminal 1 at Kotoka International Airport (KIA)

A letter signed by the Managing Director of the GACL, said “With Reference to our earlier letter referenced GACL/MD/FHS20/1/22on the above subject we wish to inform you that the GACL has delegated the Terminal 1 to MacDan aviation for private jet operations.”

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“As part of measures to opertaionalise the Terminal we require Covid-19 testing services at the Terminal-19”.

The GACL had earlier ordered McDan Aviation to suspend the use of the KIA Terminal 1 until further notice.

“We refer to our earlier discussions and subsequent directive to suspend the inauguration of the private jet terminal at the Kotoka International Airport until all necessary operational requirements and obligations are met.

“We note with concern your failure to comply with the directive despite the outstanding issues on the prior terms and conditions for the use and operations of Terminal 1 as a private Jet Terminal.

“Management has subsequently directed the suspension of your use of Terminal 1 until further notice,” a statement signed by the Managing Director of the GACL Yaw Kwakwa said on Tuesday February 1.MCDAN-AVIATION-NOTICE-TO-SUSPEND-1Download

The private jet terminal belonging to McDan Aviation Company was recently launched.

But the GACL earlier accused McDan of engaging “in several activities without prior approval from GACL which have typically called for emergency corrective actions.”

By Komla Klutse||Ghana