Printers fear further delay by govt to settle debts would collapse their business


The Ghana Printers and Paper Converters Association is calling on government to pay them for services they have rendered to the state.

According to the Association, it was contracted by the erstwhile John Mahama government to print some text books for second cycle institutions in the country upon an agreement.

Despite failure of government to meet the agreed 30 percent mobilization as part of the deal, the Association noted it still went ahead to honor the terms of the contract by printing the books.

Over the years there have been several suggestions to government to subcontract textbooks locally for schools in the country but the recommendations are usually met with concerns of poor quality production by the local producers and with some doubting their capacity.

However, speaking exclusively to 3FM Business News, President of the Ghana Printers and Paper Converters Association, James Appiah Berko said their products are of high quality.

“We marshalled all our resources and the alacrity with which the selected printers put together all their materials, human and finance to begin the production of the books have been truly commendable. Within the past five months we have done more than 70 percent of all the contracted books and we are ready to supply. The quality and style of the prints that we have produced are exceptional and the ones that are being imported cannot match what we have produced”.

James Appiah Berko further noted, regardless of the commitment exhibited by the current government to clear the amount outstanding, any further delay will ruin their business.

I think this government has made some attempts in disbursing monies owed some printers especially when they have seen that we have done what must be done and every pesewa matters in business so any delay can be costly to us”.

By Prince Adzivor|3FM Business|

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