President urged to stop officials from interfering in Dagbon crises

Regent of Dagbon, Kampakuya-Naa Andani Yakubu Abdulai[/caption] The Regent of Dagbon, Kampakuya-Naa Andani Yakubu Abdulai, has expressed the need for President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to take steps to ensure that his appointees adopted his non-interference policy in the Dagbon chieftaincy conflict. He said the non-interference in the Dagbon chieftaincy conflict by government officials would promote early elimination of the canker that continued to undermine the peace and stability of the area, with implications for the motherland at large. Kampakuya-Naa Abdulai said this when President Akufo-Addo paid a courtesy call on him at his palace at Yendi on Saturday. The President’s visit formed part of his three-day tour of the Northern Region, which began on Friday to interact with the chiefs and people of the region. Kampakuya-Naa Abdulai said: “I note with regret that some party members and officials of government are beginning to undermine the customs and traditions of our land.” This, he said, was in sharp contrast with the President’s open declaration that: “I have no interest in the chieftaincy matters of Dagbon”. “Particularly worth noting is the collaboration of state officials with usurper chiefs, in flagrant violation of the Constitution and the Chieftaincy Act.” He said recently some people reconstructed two rooms in the Gbewaa Palace, an act that undermines the custom of the area. Kampakuya-Naa said: “Such scorn for Dagbon and its customs cannot promote peace and deserves your attention. The perpetrators must be called to order.” He gave the assurance that he was ever ready for a peaceful resolution of the Dagbon crises based on the customs and traditions of the area with reasonable compromises that should yield positive results. He warned that any act that suggested the creation of a parallel system could only worsen the situation. Kampakuya-Naa Abdulai appealed to the Government to help solve the water crises in the area as well as improve on the Yendi Hospital’s infrastructure situation. He commended the Government on the fight against galamsey and urged it to tackle similar activities at Pigu in the Region.

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President Nana Akufo-Addo warned of sanctioning any government official who interfered in the Dagbon crises and reiterated that he had no interest in it except the peace of the area. He gave the assurance that Yendi would benefit from water project to be undertaken next year to solve the water crises in the area. The President also visited Bolin-Naa, the Chief of the Abudu Royal Family in at Yendi and reiterated his position of non -interference in the chieftaincy crises. Source: GNA | Ghana]]>