Pregnant women reveal how they're pursued by men

If you thought you’ve seen or heard it all then you are in for a big surprise. Because apparently, pregnant women are a big turn-on for some men and get this, these men are literally strangers. Crazy right! I have heard some pregnant women say how unattractive and uncomfortable they feel during their pregnancy. But for some reasons best known to these men, they have the hotspots for pregnant women. Imagine walking down the street with your baby bump then bam! A man walks up to you only to express interest in you. I mean how does that even work? How do you handle such a situation? Do you laugh it off and walk away? Or do you give them a piece of your mind? And what if they are persistent? What do you do? These are questions some women who called into the Onua FM drive time show Efie Ne Fie to  answer and also share their experiences with the host, Dr. Prekese. The women were asked whether they’ve been pursued by men who weren’t their partners when they were pregnant, and their answers will leave your jaws on the floor. According to the women who shared the experiences, men who pursued them did not mind that they were either married or in a relationship. Some even went as far as paying for their medical bills. Isabella who was 6-month pregnant recounted how a man stayed with her all day when they met at the hospital. According to her, she had gone for an antenatal care when she met the said man who asked her whether she was married. Even though, she told him she was, that did not deter him, as he was adamant about winning her. “He asked about the whereabouts of my husband and when I told him he was at work, he offered to stay with me at the hospital and pretend to be my husband when we go see the doctor. After my checks, he took me for grocery shopping and even bought me a phone when I lied about not having a phone”, she said. Another caller who also shared her experience detailed how she met a man when she was 6-month pregnant. Akua revealed how the man shared his marital issues with her. “He told me he and his wife have been married for 5 years without a child. And so if I was willing, he would want to marry me and take care of me and my unborn child and adopt my child as his own when I deliver”, she revealed. The most shocking and probably funny one is when a caller (name withheld) narrated her story about a man she met during an errand in town who offered to be her “sidekick”or boyfriend during her pregnancy period and offer his “services” whenever she was in the mood for sex. “After learning that my husband had traveled outside the country, he said he will be willing to have sex with me whenever I am in the mood for it as my husband wasn’t available and he found me very attractive”, she said. When asked how they handled the situation, some said they laughed it off and walked away. Others gave them a piece of their mind while but the rest  took advantage of the situation. Tune in every Monday and Tuesday for the Mma Kasa segment on Onua FM’s Efie Ne Fie with Dr. Prekese at 3pm and listen to women share their experiences on various social issues that will shock you to your very core.

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By Geraldine Amaning||Ghana]]>