Prayers our No.1 weapon against terrorist attacks but…- Pentecostal churches

Pentecostal churches in Ghana say they are counting on prayers as the number one weapon to avert a possible attack on churches in the country, measures being put in place by the various churches.

General Secretary of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches, Rev. Emmanuel Parriga, said the churches cannot provide detailed security for themselves, but indicated they were doing the little they can to complement that of the country’s national security.

“The Bible says we should watch and pray, so as we are praying, prayer is our number one weapon; we are also putting measure in place as back up weapons” Rev. Parriga told Bright Asempa, host of Onua FM Ye Nsempa.

According to him, they were notified by the National Security about the threats of terrorism on the back of attacks on some churches in neighbouring Burkina Faso and the subsequent arrest of two suspected terrorists at Hamile in the Upper East Region.

“About three or four weeks ago, National Security called the heads of religious bodies that they had intelligence on a threat of Jihadists attacks on churches in Ghana but they want to assure us that they are on top of their job. At the same time, they cautioned us not be relaxed but be vigilant and also educate our members for them to be security conscious”, he added.

He said the National Security has also offered to train church members to be able to counter any possible attack on churches.

“So, last week they trained some ushers and internal security people,” he said.

“We have also told our member churches to beef up their internal security. We have told our member churches to also educate their members to be observant and report any suspicious person or group of people.

“It is better to err on the side of caution, than to allow yourself for something bad to happen to you”, he stated.

According to Rev Parriga, in one of the bombings in a church abroad, the terrorist was wearing a backpack, noting he was sure the church members saw him but took it for granted.

“The question is what is someone doing with a backpack in a church? So, there are signs the church members should look out for including their dressing, the way they walk, the things they are carrying among others. So, we are doing pulpit education for the church members on security” he added.

According to him, some churches have even started installing metal detectors among other security measures.

 By Marshall K.M Bobobee||Ghana

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