Poultry farmers upbeat 2017 budget will revive the industry

Poultry Farmers Association of Ghana has lauded government’s quest to address challenges faced by maize farmers in the country as outlined by the Finance Minister in the 2017 judgment statement. National president of the Association, Victor Oppong Adjei, told TV3 substantial increase in maize production will lead to a reduction in the cost of poultry feed which would ultimately help in the revival of the sector which has slumped in the last years. The poultry industry contributes significantly to the world economy in various ways and developed economies, it enhances GDP profiles and provides high revenue from exports, whereas in developing economies, it provides a source of livelihood and food protein. In Ghana, the demand for poultry products as a source of protein has increased steadily over the last three decades and will continue over the next 34 years. For now Ghana’s poultry farmers are struggling to survive competition from their counterparts in developed countries as the country imports 200 million dollars worth of chicken every year. Major factors behind the declining state of Ghana’s poultry industry are varied and complex, but the most significant is government’s policy towards the sector’s growth. In small remote communities of Ghana, poultry farming is everything; it is the mainstay of rural communities providing job for the people. But failure of successive governments to come out with clear policies to protect the local poultry industry has triggered the import surge of frozen chicken from the U.S.A and the European Union. Though much was not said about the poultry sector in the maiden NPP government’s budget, industry players say easing the cost of production is a move forward. Mr Oppong Adjei said the increase in production of maize and other products as feed for the birds will impact positively on the poultry industry But he appealed to the government to do something about the high interest rate.

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By Benjamin Aidoo|3news.com|Ghana]]>