Politics aside, Dr Duffuor’s Lecture was a breath of fresh air – Dela Coffie

What a breath of fresh air it was to hear former Finance Minister and Governor of Bank of Ghana, Dr. Kwabena Duffuor deliver a lecture in Accra late Monday morning.

Indeed, it was reassuring to hear a Ghanaian person of influence speak so eloquently about the state of the economy and convey hope for the future, instead of shooting from the hip and then contradicting himself later.

Dr. Duffuor reminded us all that we have been here before, in much graver times, and pulled through. He expressed faith that Ghana will again progress, whether the government of the day is involved or not.

To all intent and purposes, Dr Duffour appears to be a new national star, with great potentials. His Ghana dream lecture that’s making the headlines, which framed his own unlikely life story as a celebration of the Ghanaian dream, had struck an optimistic public nerve that defied ideological barriers – People from all political persuasions are intune with the message of hope preached at the lecture.

All of a sudden, it seemed, Dr Duffuor is in a position to deliver an early — and stunning — knockout blow if he  enters the NDC presidential race.

A clubhouse survey released last night showed that 57% of the contributors have a favorable view of Dr Duffuor compared to 41% who feel that way about John Mahama.

Joojo Dadson from the Ghana Democracy Forum in a remark on Clubhouse said: “Duffuor represents the only viable alternative to the NPP in any shape or form. I think people’s gut instinct after hearing that speech will be: Dr. Duffuor is the right man to lead Ghana”

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“The man is simply a breath of fresh air after the ding dongs we’ve had in this fourth republic – Smart, competent, serious with a dash of a sense of humor when appropriate,” Joojo Dadson added.

Another contributor, Awudu Alhassan from Youth Alliance Ghana said that Dr. Duffuor had scored an “injury time winner”, and he predicted that NDC could now go on to win the next election if Duffuor is on the ticket.

“This was a real NDC speech from a real NDC leader. He showed there is a huge gulf between NDC and the NPP,” Awudu Alhassan added.

And finally, Mawuli Adadevor of the Volta Forum said:

“It was absolutely brilliant lecture. He delivered it humbly but with a passion we don’t often see in modern politicians,” he said. “On the specifics he was talking about things that people really want. That’s my kind of a leader”, Awudu Alhassan concluded.

Oh yes, there appears to be a coalition of willing people from all political divide seeking to push the Duffuor for President 2024 agenda. Perhaps folks are tired of the political elites that seem to have been clueless about Ghana’s problems.

For me, Dr. Kwabena Duffuor is experienced enough to be an elder statesman, but “young enough” to claim a coolness factor. Until recently, he’s largely stayed above the fray when it comes to the tumultuous politicking that has characterized every day life in Ghana.

Duffuor’s name recognition is so wide and so is his personal popularity. He’s not just another surrogate-He is a unique ambassador and a tested hand. A man driven by excellence –  A leader with the fearlessness, practicality, and persistence it will require to bring solutions to our numerous problems.

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If there’s anyone who is going to connect with, and unapologetically stand with the ordinary people, it is Dr Duffuor – A very smart and  strategic personality with a fair amount of charisma. He will be able to incredibly and effectively prosecute the case for the NDC. He doesn’t have to defend 4 years of decisions as former President, but he’s also not going to tout 4 years of throwing rocks from the sidelines.

Dr. Duffuor will work in the same way he has spent his industrious career as a banker, economist and public servant: he will work smarter, fight tougher, and persist longer than anyone else.

Ghana need a president who is going to dig in, do the hard work and actually get the job done.

I know quite a number of people who are excited about Duffour’s candidacy but who suspect that somehow, when push comes to shove, the power structure in the NDC won’t let him win the NDC nomination – But it is important for the NDC to seize the moment and show the world that the party is ready for the future as an alternative government in waiting.

The Ghanaian people are looking for a big change in 2024 and they are looking up to the NDC to offer a credible alternative.

This is not a game show where you’ve got a buzzer, and once you hit the buzzer, you win some money. This is politics and the NDC needs to seize the moment and put its best foot forward for election 2024.

I shall return