Politicians creating false sense of insecurity – Kan Dapaah

Albert Kan Dapaah is the Minister of National Security

The National Security Minister, Albert Kan-Dapaah has accused politicians of creating an atmosphere of insecurity in the country.

Addressing Parliament Thursday November 5, he said  with the elections in sight, some politicians are engaged in the business of misrepresenting the security situation in the country for political gains.

“There seems to a deliberate attempt by certain individuals to create a false notion of rising insecurity in the nation. This false notion of insecurity stems from the deliberate politicization of issues of national insecurity in the country.

“An assessment of recent development reveals that the false notion of insecurity is fuelled by some politicians.

“These politicians at one moment openly threaten violence should they lose the elections and at another express concern about rising insecurity and I think it is unacceptable and must be condemned.”

He also admonished the public to help the security agency in the country by providing information about threats of violence.

“It is on the ordinary citizen to play their part by providing information to assist in confronting all threats to insecurity in the country.

“Ghanaians should refrain from haste speeches which can endanger the peace of our country, he said.

By Kaziah Owusu Afram|3news.com|Ghana

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