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Political militia thriving due to election of presidents on party lines – Carl Wilson

A member of the National Democratic Congress, Carl Wilson, has stated the kind of governance system being run in Ghana has led to the growing number of political militia groups, popularly referred to as political vigilantes.

He observed with the election of presidents on partisan lines, these political militia which has become a national security threat, will continue fester.

“As long as we still run this system of government where we elect Presidents on the ticket of a political party, this vigilantism will continue”, the formal National Security said on Onua FM’s Yen Sempa on Monday.

In his view, electing persons who do not contest on the ticket of a political party will be the surest way of dealing with the menace which triggered calls for it to be disbanded.

He argued that the power of political parties run the country through the President, noting that “If the sitting president was not from NPP, do you think what is happening would have happen? We would not have vigilantism because the independent president will not be burdened with the dictates from his party that made him president.

“He [independent president] will apply the rules and laws of the land according to the constitution and his oath of office. He will not condone what is going on.  But because the President is from their party, they do it with impunity because they know they would have the support of the president” Mr Wilson told host of Yen Sempa Bright Asempa.

He has thus suggested for presidents to be elected not based on party colours but someone who is independent of a political party.

“If you keep electing presidents on a party colours, the party tie their hands and they will be dictating to them”, he said.

Mr Wilson explained that is not usually about the presidents but their political parties.

Performance of Akufo-Addo

Giving an assessment of the government, Mr Wilson said “things are not going on well. Akufo-Addo is not performing well.

“I have told the president he is not doing well and that is why people think Mahama can come back and I don’t want Mahama as my president. I don’t want Akufo-Addo as my president in 2020 but we need an independent person as our next president”, he explained.

Mr. Wilson said “those who are saying Ghana belongs to the NDC and NPP have to revise their notes because what is coming is bigger than them. We can keep flipping between these two parties for ages and nothing will come out of it”, he explained.

By Kwaku Antwi-Otoo|3news.com|Ghana

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