Political machination: From America To Ghana

Political machinationFor some reason, the last couple of days have seen me reading, listening and watching keenly the American Political landscape. And I have been amazed at developments within the Trump and Clinton arena.
Gradually the attention of the media and all interests are shifting from the real issues of the economy, taxes, health care education and all those issues you may consider as pillars upon which one would vote.
Interestingly, social and mainstream media is agog with rather obscure campaign machinations.
For Hillary, she is now being said to have some kind of SEIZURE, a medical condition that makes her twitch and quiver under certain circumstances. ( I just saw that video) I have also seen video footages of her husband, Bill Clinton being portrayed as suffering from DEMENTIA and linking it to electoral mis-fortunes of his wife.
I have also seen a video clip of their daughter, Chelsea deliver a speech at the Democratic Convention which was described as drab, uninspiring and also linked to her mother’s campaign.
I have seen and heard several commentaries by anti Hillary proponents, which paint her as a liar, a thief and even, the DEVIL. I just saw one linking her to the Illuminati cult and also some signage of 666 attributed to the anti-christ.
For Donald J Trump, the maverick, it is even more absurd the things being said about him. I have seen several videos about his personal wealth, his lifestyle, his gangster nature from New York City.
I have seen several throwback videos about how he ripped off poor people including children and widows as he built his mega real estate empire across New York and elsewhere. I have seen nude videos and photographs of his third wife, Melana, who is 27 years younger, an East European sex model.
What is even more interesting now is, how there is a deliberate attempt to discredit him and make him seem anti immigrant. He probably is. He may have brought it unto himself with his loose talk of saying Muslims are not welcome in America. But he has since tried to use a PR Machinery to redirect the attack. But it is still not working. Donald Trump’s policy on immigration is still not clear.
Just Thursday, Donald Trump was addressing supporters, and, in the crowd was a baby crying. Trump’s comments about the crying baby have received massive attention. He asked that the crying baby be removed from the hall and that has become a campaign tool in America. Donald Trump is inhumane and uncaring. Interesting indeed!!!
I am just watching these “under the table” campaign strategies and machinations and juxtaposing it with what we do in Ghana…Which is a lesser Evil.
We have our own issues here in Ghana. Can you pinpoint some of these “under the table” Campaign strategies being employed by our political entities and personalities, so we can see through them?
By Fred Chidi| Head of Station CONNECT 97.1 FM|3news.com

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