Political campaigns resume in Nigeria

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Political campaign has resumed in Nigeria ahead of the February 23 national elections. The elections, which were initially scheduled for February 16, were postponed the same day to next Saturday due to logistical complaints. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) explained the postponement was necessitated by logistical limitations and some 600 suits filed to challenge the electoral processes. Following the announcement of a new date for the election, the INEC on Monday announced the resumption of campaign activities for all political parties. Political parties can now campaign until the midnight of February 21, the INEC said in a statement dated February 18. “In the meantime, after consultations with political parties, the Commission has approved that campaigns by parties and candidates can resume forthwith to end by midnight of Thursday, 21st February, 2019,” it said. According to the INEC, they are working towards ensuring that materials for the elections arrive at polling stations on time for the February 23 elections. By 3news.com| Ghana  ]]>