Political campaigning that impacts local industry – Awhendze Pa Nkasa

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Political campaigns whether internal or across the divide in our country tends to focus on the negative. It is often a platform for competitors to put themselves ahead of others by selling their high points and downgrading their opponents, if they can.

This mode of campaigning, which predates the country’s independence has characterized every quest for leadership, since attaining nationhood.

 Campaigns under the Fourth Republic have been anything but different. Candidates seek out their opponents and attempt to run them down in order to secure the will of the electorates. This unorthodoxy that characterizes political organization, though criticized is yet to leave the country’s political space.

As the ruling New Patriotic Party opened nominations for leadership across the hierarchies of the party, a new wind is blowing in the Western Region, which has seen a local fabric brand marketed across the length and breadth of the resource-rich region of Ghana.

Wherever you find a particular candidate, the refrain from party sympathizers and onlookers has been “awhendze pa nkasa,” to wit, “quality beads do not rattle”.

The refrain isn’t an empty one. It is predicated on the adornment of the candidate, who long before his nomination was approved by the party hierarchy in the region adopted not just the expression but the local fabric with that insignia and has made it his campaign attire, sporting different shades of it at all public events.

“Awhendze pa nkasa” evokes an understanding of quality. Quality that one believes must permeate every aspect of our life. It’s a belief that detailed oriented leadership, must take precedence over mediocrity. That leadership must inure to the benefit of the people and that leaders must truly serve their people in honesty and civility.

That is what Charles COBBINA, Western Regional Secretary hopeful of the New Patriotic Party represents. His choice of “Awhendze pa nkasa” as the campaign cloth was a demonstration of his belief in Ghana and its traditions.

As a marketing professional, he understands the essence of branding and associated himself with a brand that he believes exemplified the sort of leadership that he intends to bring to bear should delegates of the ruling party in the region bless him with their votes come May 28, 2022.

Mr. COBBINA insists that the party at this time need not dwell on emotions, if it is to break the eight. The party leadership requires competence, experience, maturity and innovation at all levels to secure the much-needed victory in the 2024 general elections.

Source: 3news.com|Ghana

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