‘Polish your knowledge’ – HR practitioners told

The founder of HR Network Africa, Cynthia Mawulawoe Kodowu, has urged Human Resource practitioners to constantly make it an effort to polish their knowledge in their chosen profession so as to maintain its image and dignity.

She said this on Sunday, February 21 when delivering a speech at a virtual ceremony to induct new members into her organisation.

“The job of the HR [human resource] practitioner in any given organisation is very critical to the growth and success of such firms and we must strive to always let professionalism reflect in whatever we do. Don’t be comfortable, always look out for opportunities to upgrade your knowledge,” she said.

Madam Cynthia Kodowu, who also occupies the position of HR Director at Casa Trasacco, in Accra, said HR practitioners must cultivate the habit of bonding well with their employees to know their day-to-day concerns.

She noted that: “We [HR Network Africa] want to be known as the HR hub providing the opportunity for HR professionals to network, learn for free to harness their potentials and better the practice of HR.”

HR Network Africa currently has 520 members from Ghana, Nigeria, Niger, Cameroun, Norway, USA, UK, UEA, Ivory Coast and Canada.

By Solomon Mensah|3news.com|Ghana

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