Police denies ‘pilot exercise’ to arrest phone-using drivers, GHC1,700 spot fine

The Ghana Police Service has also refuted rumours that it has embarked on an exercise to arrest people who drive and talk on mobile phones for which offenders will be given a spot fine of GHC1, 700.

A message surfaced on social media platform Saturday morning claiming the Police has partnered TV3 to arrest people who talk on phone and use camera while driving.

TV3 has since denied the claim, and a statement from the Police has also denied same, noting there is no such pilot exercise taking place as was rumoured on social media platform, WhatsApp.

“The Police wish to disclaim the rumours being peddled on social media that they (the Police) have embarked on a pilot exercise to arrest people who drive and talk on their mobile phones at the same, and then take a spot fine of GHC1, 700 from offending drivers” it said.

“There is no such exercise, so the public is advised to disregard the story and beware of people/officers who purport to do so,” the statement added.

Meanwhile, the Police is urging the public to desist from driving and talking on phone simultaneously, noting the practice constitute an offence under the country’s motor laws.


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