Police consider social media shutdown on election day; GJA resists

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), John Kudalor, has hinted of an intention by the Ghana Police Service to ban the use of social media by Ghanaians on the eve and day of this year’s elections.

He said the measure has proven dependable  in curbing the dissemination of fear and panic in some countries.

IGP Kudalor made this known at a dialogue session with some journalists on Thursday, May 26.

“At one stage I was even saying that if it becomes critical on the eve and the election day we shall block all social media as other countries have done.”

He promised that a firm decision will be announced soon.

But journalists seemed not enthused by the intention by the police chief as the President of the Ghana Journalists Association quickly rebuffed the suggestion.

“On social media, we will humbly appeal to [IGP] not to go there,” Roland Affail Monney said, “because social media are cousins of traditional media.”

He explained that journalists in mainstream media have depended on social media for tips and leads.

“So we beg him to not even contemplate banning social media but his outfit can do something to at least regulate socially determined content.”

Source: 3news.com|Ghana

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