My pledge of obedience of love to my faithful first love: My Val's Day vow

I cried out for Your mercy the other day. You held me up from the ground, washed me, treated my wounds, cleansed all stains on me, wiped all tears on my face, took away everything that had burdened me, healed my heart, gave me hope to live again, made a new me out of the same me. You put Your beautiful snow white garment on me and Your crown on my head. Your host rejoiced and You were pleased. As I stepped out majestically from Your throne room, I dumped myself into dirty mud like a trash ready to be disposed. I soiled my pure white garment. Childishly, I ignored to take care well of myself. This is because, unconsciously, I felt the white garment had no commercial value because it was freely given. Free, the garment was given though, yet not the wealthiest man can buy. The other day too, what an honour it was for You to be my tour guide. You took me around to show me the place You have positioned me. As a star ought to be, on the firmament of the sky You placed me and Your ever covering Hand laid on me. I thought if I remain there above in the sky, the world would be far away from me. Hence I came down to have fun and be with men. In the pursuit of pleasure in the world, my wings got damaged. I got stuck here. I never thought of flying back to this glorious place You placed me. I had very little knowledge of the reason You put me up there. In Your plan, I could see, watch over and care for everything on the earth for You. I was not wise enough to know that Your Hand, set upon me, signified that You will and always be with me. You reached out again, strengthened me so much that I could climb to the top. You gave me a new set of workable wings that could help me take off and fly to altitude more than I could reach before. Also, You blessed me with a new set of sensitive eyes which could see every little detail ahead. Instead of me to be extra cautious, I did not walk with care. I tripped off and fell. This is because I knew Your ever big cushion called Grace awaits my fall down the valley. Million times I have fallen and million times You have raised me. Nothing I did make me worthy of the life, blessings and peace You have given me. Although I do not deserve the gifts I have from You, You added no sorrow with it. I offered no sacrifice in return for Your blessings on me. You have held me to this great point. Today, I have understood that Your patience with me, Your mercy on me and Your Grace that abounds me always are all the full package of Your unconditional Love for me. In all my flaws, You understood my human nature. You embraced me in Your forgiving bosom and gave me new hope to live. You have never required me to prove myself to you. Regardless of the countless times I cheated on You, You never forsook me. Your faithfulness is so Great, Golden and Glorious. I wondered if sacrifice would be the best I can offer to You, my love. This made me allow myself to analyse the saying “obedience is better than sacrifice”. Now I have understood that this is not just an ordinary saying but a very deep one. One successfully completed sacrifice is just a unit of full measure of sacrifice. However in obedience, there is every sacrifice. Determination to obey and the practice of obedience skips no sacrificial fraction. This saying “obedience is better than sacrifice” is really scriptural indeed. See 1 Samuel 15:22 as in the Bible. Hence meditation has taught me that love is not just a sacrifice; it is more than a sacrifice. Love is the full package of sacrifice. This is called Obedience. Obedience is the vehicle to boost love. Dear Jesus, I have understood Your historic sacrifice of death and resurrection for mankind as Your obedience to God Almighty. Obedience to God is the only reason You could sacrifice for mankind. My dearest, I have caused You a lot of pain. I have hurt You countless times yet You never gave up on me. What a special love this is. Dear God, from this day, my daily will is not to cause You pain again. I have learnt to appreciate Your Love: I can not continue to grieve You. I will not rebel You with my sins. This is my pledge of obedience of love to You, my Lord. I love You, Father, so help me God. By Samoa Mensa The writer is an evangelist Email: [email protected]]]>

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