[Photos]GMB2018: Eastern region's Abena wins double at the end of Week-6

Eastern region’s Abena wins double at the end of Week-6[/caption] Eastern region’s Abena was the star for Week-6  of TV3 Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB)  pageant picking two awards on the night: emerging as Star Performer and Most Eloquent contestant at the end of the week’s performance. It was a night centered around mentors and mentees, whereby contestants were expected to act as mentors, taking their protégés through varied things to get acquainted with, in preparation towards becoming a Ghana’s Most Beautiful Queen. The night’s show was opened by winner of Season 8 of TV3 Talented Kidz show, DJ Switch, who treated audience to entertaining tunes, while fusing her performance with some dance moves. Once the young DJ cheered the audience, the atmosphere was charged and set for all eight GMB  contestants to go ahead with their performances. Abena took her mentee through the impact judges comment have on GMB contestants, as well as how to take the comments in good faith, and learn from it to. [caption id="attachment_102663" align="alignnone" width="960"] Eastern region’s Abena[/caption] Brong Ahafo regional representative Ohema kick started the performances as she came on stage as a mime artiste who demonstrated to her mentee, the importance of being religious tolerant and being at peace with persons from diverse religious backgrounds to foster peace and unity. [caption id="attachment_102653" align="alignnone" width="960"] Brong Ahafo regional representative Ohema[/caption] Ohema was followed by Ashanti region’s Afrah who mentored her kid sister who has plans of taking part in the Ghana’s Most Beautiful pagent. She took her kid sister through mannerisms, how to catwalk, as well as how to communicate eloquently as a beauty queen. Western region’s Adepa also came in as a life coach taking her young mentee through some of the preparatory things to do as she plans to take part in the Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant. [caption id="attachment_102659" align="alignnone" width="960"] Western region’s Adepa[/caption] After Adepa came Naa from the Greater Accra region who also took her mentee through how to go about choosing a social cause to pursue as a beauty queen, as well as how to raise funds and make this social cause a success to the benefit of society. [caption id="attachment_102656" align="alignnone" width="960"] Central region’s Tewa[/caption] Central region’s Tewa taught her mentee different traditional dances, and also took her through how to prepare for dance performances as a queen, admonishing her to research about the dance, and practice consistently. Upper East region’s Wekia came in as a GMB queen who took her mentee through how to prepare for her durbar. [caption id="attachment_102662" align="alignnone" width="960"] Upper East region’s Wekia[/caption] She taught the young aspiring queen how to delegate roles ahead of the durbar, invite people officially, and through traditional and social media platforms, as well as speaking eloquently at the durbar. Northern region’s Nabia came through schooling her mentee on the importance of public speaking. [caption id="attachment_102666" align="alignnone" width="960"] Northern region’s Nabia[/caption] She taught her mentee to research, keep presentations precise and keep eye contact with the audience while speaking eloquently. Ghana’s Most Beautiful airs every Sunday at 8:00pm and is live on all TV3’s social media platforms.

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By Irene Amesimeku |3news.com|Ghana]]>