[Photos + Video] Bongo District Hospital: Patients share beds, ‘container’ used as morgue  

The Bongo district hospital administrator, Dr. William Dugu

The Bongo District Hospital in the Upper East Region has no children’s ward. Both children and adults on admission are kept in the same ward,especially children and their mothers.

This, the hospital administrator, Dr. William Dugu says has caused congestion compelling them to put   “two or more patients on a bed”

The District Chief Executive for the area,Peter Ayinbisa has described as worrying, the situation in the hospital.

“It is possible that you go to the hospital with one form of ailment, you end up by contracting an additional ailment”, he lamented.

Patients sharing beds at the Bongo district hospital

He says “I want to add the hospital an additional ward so that it will ease or we will be able to separate the children from the females”

A children’s ward which was started years ago is nearing completion but will require more resources to expedite action. The hospital authorities are appealing for support.

Meanwhile, structure made of old aluminum roofing sheets serves as a morgue at the facility because the hospital has no morgue.

Structure used as a morgue in the Bongo district hospital

Watch more here:Source: 3news.com | Ghana

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