[Photos] Trotro crashes into house at Laterbiokoshie

Some locals gather around the trotro

A 207 Mercedes Benz passenger bus on Wednesday morning crashed into a house at Laterbiokoshie, a suburb of Accra, injuring a number of people.

According to an eyewitness called Genevieve, the trotro descended from a road in an apparent loss of control by the driver and ran into the house.

Some locals engage in group discussions
Some of the injured passengers wait for First Aid

A passenger shows her injury
A close shot of the trotro upon arrival at the scene spoke to the driver Abdul Baba, who narrated how the accident happened.

“I was coming from the top and before I got to the junction, I realised my brakes had failed me so the car went straight into the house.

“I am very surprised because I checked my brakes and tyres before I left the house in the morning and this was even my second trip of the morning.”

He confirmed that he had 23 passengers in the car and some had sustained injuries.

By Nana Afrane Asante||Ghana


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