[Photos] Gold Coast security clients threaten demo at Jubilee House over locked-up capital

Some customers of Gold Coast Fund Management[/caption] Customers of  Gold Coast Fund Management have threatened to storm the seat of government if state authorities do not intervene to help retrieve their investments which they say have been locked up at the firm. The firm has for some time been going through some challenges, having difficulty in meeting their obligations to customers, but it assured customers to exercise patience while it works things out. But some of the customers in Kumasi who took to the streets Tuesday morning say they are running out of patients. The aggrieved customers marched through some principal streets in Kumasi to express their displeasure at the way they have been denied access to their funds for almost a year now. The customers are calling on the government to within one week help them retrieve their investments else they will be forced to take their protests to the Jubilee House. Meanwhile, the firm has closed its office in Kumasi to avoid attacks on its staff after some aggrieved customers threatened to harm them. Here are pictures of Tuesday’s demonstration: By Ibrahim Abubakar|3news.com|Ghana  ]]>

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