[Photos] Date Rush Auditions: See if your partner is searching for a date

The numbers here are simply overwhelming but it doesn’t come as a surprise; it is to be expected, because for Date Rush to trend every single week throughout its second season means it has got cloud. It shows how much interested people are in it and how much eager many are willing to participate. Here they are, big and small, dark and fair, slim and fat – just name your taste and I can guarantee there’s one right in this queue hoping to make it into the selected few who will be featured on the Season 3 of your all-time favorite date-matching show, Date Rush. The records, as I have gathered have well over 2000 entries, representing people who have officially applied to be a part of the show. Due to the exigencies of Covid-19, organizers have had to shortlist applicants for a 3-day audition. Even with that, there more are still coming in. If you ask me, I would say, this is where all the action begins because I see some already mingling amongst themselves – perhaps if they don’t make it into the show, one may probably have found a date during the audition. Oooh yeah, menners be sharp like that. But why are all these people here? What’s their motivation? What’s their love life situation? Some tell me they are single and see the Date Rush platform as ideal for finding their life partners. Others tell me they are here to have fun [whatever that means]. Yet others say, they are here to see what the Lord has for them – God is good every single time! As the saying goes, the devil himself knows not the intentions of man, so do I not know whether the intentions expressed by these auditionees are really what they say, so on a low key, I want you to check if by chance your boyfriend is “mistakenly” looking for a date. I beg ooo, if you find him here, w)n shoute, just buckle up and also come audition so you can meet him boot-for-boot on the show. Don’t thank me for the advice, it’s just my call to duty.

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