[Photo] Muntari joins Bawumia at Flagstaff House to break Ramadan fast

Pescara midfielder Sulley Ali Muntari was at the Flagstaff House on Wednesday as he joined some Muslims to break the ongoing Ramadan fast with Vice President Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia. The Ifthar at the forecourt of the seat of government was attended by other Muslim dignitaries including Sheikhs and Imams. It was led by National Chief Imam Sheikh Nuhu Shaributu.

In a brief remark during the Iftar, Dr. Bawumia remarked, “The observance of Ramadan should be a means to bring strength and the earnest will to live in peace together with fellow humans. It is a month when we extend our hands to all of humanity in genuine brotherhood. This quest for perfect peace was an inherent attribute of the great Founders of various faiths, who practiced fasting and self-denial as the path to spiritual enlightenment and the promotion of Peace, Love, Mercy, Justice and Forgiveness. “Any leader should imbibe these basic tenets which Islam and other religions promote as the bedrocks of ethical living in society. “Nana AddoDankwaAkufo-Addo is a man of peace. He is a man of tolerance, and he is a man that wants to see Ghanaians living peacefully together. Christians, Muslims and all Ghanaians living peacefully together. He doesn’t want to see any group in Ghana left out. We want to have a Ghana where everybody is included in our development, and this is why he has put together a Zongo Development Fund, the first in our history. He has also appointed a Minister for Zongoand Inner City Affairs, the first in our history.”
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By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh|3news.com|Ghana ]]>