#PerfectMatchXtra: Social media reacts to Sandra’s lap dance on Gyato


In the latest episode of #PerfectMatchXtra House, fans were left stunned and divided over the lap dance incident involving Sandra and Gyato.

The scene, which unfolded on the couch, sparked a wave of reactions among viewers, with many expressing their surprise and sharing their opinions on social media.

In the new video, Sandra was seen engaging in what some viewers perceived as a very lewd lap dance with Gyato.

This unexpected and intimate moment between the two housemates caught the attention of fans, leading to a flurry of comments and discussions online.

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Some fans found the scene entertaining and praised Sandra for her boldness, while others questioned the appropriateness of such behaviour within the context of the show.

However, most people have now questioned the authenticity of Sandra’s claim that she was not feeling well, especially during chores and errands.

“Let them say they should do some work right now. You would hear 3na my chest, my stomach, my hip. Sandra Sandra,” avid fan, Komla Adom wrote.

Sandra and Gyato since they jumped ships from their past relationships have been enjoying each other’s company and sharing sweet and intimate moments including nightly prayer sessions, sharing a kiss, and the viral lap dance.

While the true nature of Sandra’s health condition amidst the lap dance incident remained a topic of speculation, one thing was certain: the scene had succeeded in capturing the attention and imagination of the show’s dedicated fan base.

As the season continued, viewers eagerly anticipated further developments and eagerly shared their reactions online, proving that Perfect Match Xtra House continued to deliver unexpected twists and turns that kept fans hooked to their screens.

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