People hide behind privacy to do other things outside their relationships – Akwaboah

“Posti Mi” hit maker, Akwaboah, has questioned the real intentions of people who hide behind privacy not to flaunt their partners on social media. According to the singer, such people tend to do other things outside their relationship. Akwaboah stated that although he understands people who like to keep their relationships private, he doesn’t understand why they can’t celebrate or acknowledge their partners on special occasions. “I’m not saying that everybody must post their partners everyday but why hide behind privacy. What happened to posting them on special days like birthdays, valentine or even anniversaries”. He also revealed during his interview on 3FM’s Urban Blend with Miriam Osei Agyemang that he received a lot of backlash from his fans based on his take which he expressed in lyrics in one of his songs. He added that if anyone has an issue with the song then it is probably because those people know exactly what they’re doing outside their relationships. “Posti Mi” after it release sparked a lot of debate on social media as to whether or not it is advisable to post your partner on social media. The singer said he would not have a problem letting the world know who he is, as he has nothing to hide. Will you or will you not post your partner on social media? By Geraldine Amaning |]]>

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