Pele discharged from hospital after latest surgery

Pele is Brazil's all-time leading scorer with 77 goals in 92 games

Brazil legend Pele has been discharged from hospital after receiving treatment for a tumour and a urinary tract infection.

The three-time World Cup winner, 81, was admitted to Sao Paulo’s Hospital Albert Einstein on 13 February for treatment on the colon tumour.

Eight days after he was admitted, doctors detected a urinary tract infection, which extended his stay.

However, the hospital said Pele was now in a “stable clinical condition”.

He will continue treatment for the tumour which was first detected in routine tests in September.

Pele had prostate surgery in 2015 after he was admitted to hospital for the second time in six months, and he was back in again for a urinary infection in 2019.

He was readmitted in December for treatment on the tumour but was discharged just before Christmas.

Brazil’s all-time leading scorer with 77 goals in 92 games, the former striker is one of only four players to have scored in four World Cup tournaments.

Source: BBC

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