Paul Dogboe reveals financial struggles and discord with son Isaac Dogboe


Former trainer Paul Dogboe has made public revelations about the debts incurred during his time promoting his son, .

Despite an apparent amicable split between the two, Paul's recent interviews suggest underlying tensions.

Paul, who played a significant role in helping Isaac claim the WBO junior-featherweight title in 2018, disclosed that he is now facing legal action due to his inability to settle borrowed to fund some of Isaac's fights.

Isaac then wrote a post on that many believed was directed towards his father. The message read, “Until the lion tells his side of the story, the story always glorifies the hunter. A day of reckoning will come! We move!”

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These statements appear to have strained Paul and Isaac's even further. According to Ghanaweb, Paul shared intimate details with Dornu's Coner, including his divorce from Isaac's mother and accusing Isaac of turning people against him.

Paul detailed the financial challenges they faced, stating, “One of the fights against Cesar Juarez, we had tickets that we obtained on credit for $40,000 from Islam, who usually provides us with complimentary tickets. I owed Jerere $5000, and I paid him. I settled with Patrick as well, so there were small debts that I managed to clear. The only outstanding petty debt is $6,000 owed to Cephas.”

Paul also recounted a conversation with Isaac when he informed him about no longer wanting him to manage his career.

“I said, ‘Okay, I have given you my blessing, but remember there are debts.' I sent him a text listing all the debts, and he called John Marfo, promising to settle them. So, how is it that he then approached Uncle Mitch for a $70,000 loan?”

Expressing his disappointment, Paul added, “Don't mess it up son, you better go say sorry to Uncle Mitch and these guys and go pay your debt because the lawsuit has come.”

Paul further expressed his regret, saying, “You are surrounded by people whom I introduced you to, yet they harboured ill intentions towards me while I had nothing but good intentions for you. I sacrificed my lucrative job to support you.”

Paul also disclosed that his life has taken a downward spiral, leading to the sale of his house in following his divorce from Isaac's mother. He revealed that the proceeds from the sale were used to secure another property with a new mortgage.

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