Paul Afoko takes refuge in the Holy Bible, urges all to speak up

Embattled Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Paul Afoko, who was suspended Friday for being behind the recent internal bickering of the party, has has asked party members to speak up on the issue that has deepened the division in the party.

In a Facebook post Sunday morning, Mr. Afoko used some Biblical verses to subtly urged the party members to speak up and defend the cause of the oppressed and needy.

“Speak up, judge righteously, and defend the cause of the oppressed and needy,” Mr. Afoko stated in post quoting Proverbs 31:9.

Mr. Afoko went further to quote Psalm 121:1-8 which directs and encourages Christians to repose themselves and their confidence in God, and by faith, to put themselves under His protection and commit to His care.

That chapter of the Bible, which some Christians have tagged as the “Soldiers Psalm”, according to some Biblical scholars, was penned in the camp when David was hazarding his life in the high places of the field, and thus trusted God to cover his head in the day of battle.

Mr. Afoko was suspended indefinitely in a unanimous vote by the Party’s National Executive Committee friday at the back of a demand made by the National Council of Elders of the party in September.

His suspension has already received backlash from the ranks and file of the party, with some describing it as unconstitutional, in view of the meeting at which the decision was taken.

Mr. Paul Afoko was recently criticized for making public comments on the party’s finances, a practice against laid down rules.

In a letter, the NEC demanded“a thorough investigation into the actions of the National Chairman which clearly constitutes a breach of the party’s constitution, an appropriate recommendation to promote discipline, order, harmony and progress in the party towards the 2016 polls, and at least a suspension of Chairman Afoko from office until after the 2016 elections.”

By:Stephen Kwabena Effah||Ghana

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