Patepom kindergarten gets new classroom block

Children at Patepom kindergarten in the Prestea Huni Valley municipality are now excited to go to school following the replacement of their dilapidated and overcrowded classrooms by the District Assembly. Prior to the new facility, the pupils’ zeal for education was undermined by the uncomfortable conditions under which they had to study. [caption id="attachment_111627" align="aligncenter" width="960"] The pupils in the new classroom[/caption] Herty Obeng, a pupil at Patepom Kindergarten and her mates before time were learning from an old rucked classroom. She told that they “could not feel free to write because the room was not comfortable, some could not sit down, our tables were broken so some were standing to write”. The situation was also not conducive for the teachers, which compelled some to opt for transfer but one of the KG teachers, Madam Beatrice Asare has been teaching under that gloomy condition for the past 18 years. She noted the KG unit of the school was once run under a hut where they were under the mercy of the weather. “We were teaching the children under a hut, we pack out anything it rained. At one time snake chased us here but class six students came to kill it. The assembly tried to help but it didn’t held. It was very demotivating to the extent that I called for transfer but some authorities talked me to stay” she said in Twi. [caption id="attachment_111624" align="aligncenter" width="960"] The new block[/caption] It is for this reason that the Prestea Huni Valley municipal assembly in the western region has commissioned a two-unit KG classroom with ancillary for the pupils at Patepom a town near Bogoso It formed part of a 295,000-cedi educational projects being undertaken with funds from the District Assembly Common Fund. The chief executive officer, Mozart Kweku Owuh mentioned the assembly is making all efforts to raise standard of educational infrastructure to promoting education. “We have selected for this year three schools which we are going to build good infrastructure…two of such structures are on-going. One is at Juaben and one is at 40% state at Yareeya and others are being renovated,” he said These, he noted, are to promote early childhood education in the area. He added some other projects are under construction at the various basic and second cycle schools in the municipality.Meanwhile, the Member of Parliament for Prestea Huni Valley, Barbara Oteng Gyasi underscored the need to promote early childhood education, saying they are the fundamentals for Senior High School. She thus pledged her support to help build other “turnkey” KG facilities in the area. The municipal director of education, Mary Vida Kwoffie is urging the MCE and the Member of Parliament for the area to provide more of such ancillary KG facilities.

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By Loveridge Ampratwum Okyere||Ghana]]>