Patapaa’s ‘Sco pa tu mana’ enters Urban dictionary lexicon

A meaningless word ‘Sco pa tu mana’ coined by Ghanaian musician Patapaa has been added to the list of terms on the online dictionary site and Urban dictionary. The describes it as “a nonsense phrase made popular by a rap by the Ghanaian artist Patapaa…but coincidentally resembles expressions in Hawaiian, Malay and Indonesian.” The phrase ‘Sco pa tu mana’, the dictionary site stated, earned a ‘Know Your Meme’ entry in late June 2019 and the Urban Dictionary entries in July. The Urban dictionary defines ‘Sco pa tu mana’ as, “A word of Ghanaian origin created by Ghanaian music senstation Patapaa which has various meaning depending on context and can be used in a variety of ways.” Though the word has no meaning, people outside often use the word randomly to express anything at all including expressing an outrageous unbelievable situation. ‘Sco pa tu mana’ is believed to have become one of Ghana’s greatest international pop culture export after the Azonto dance. The phrase is also viral on social media especially Twitter. It became an online sensation in April this year when fans took to social media to start a #ScopatumanaChallenge to see who could recite the lyrics of the song exactly as the artist had in his song ‘Daavi Neba’. “Lool sco pa tu mana has reached French twitter. Must be Ghana’s strongest export. Even travelled farther than cocoa” @Ohenewa_S twittered in June 2019 – quoted by Patapaa as a musician has had considerable influence on some sectors of the Ghanaian music fans; Scopatumana is the second of his music that has gone viral after the One Corner craze.

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By Paul Selorm Agbo||Ghana]]>