Pastor-cum-musician Jervis Djokoto to release “I’m whole again” album

Visionary leader, Pastor and Musician Jervis Djokoto, is set to release a new album: I’M WHOLE AGAIN, December 4, 2020. The album is up for a virtual premiering live on YouTube, Facebook, and will be available on all online digital music platforms. 

I’M WHOLE AGAIN is a beautifully woven tapestry of music with African, contemporary and jazzy styles featuring artistes, musicians and producers from around the world; a medley of gifts and skill sets that demonstrate a oneness in the body of Christ, transcending space and time.

This album celebrates Christ’s renewing power in the Holy Spirit in bringing healing, renewal and restoration into the lives of the broken.

Listeners had a foretaste of the soothing sounds from this album earlier in the year with the release of two singles. “He Knows My Name”, out May 2, 2020, was more than just a song release, but a Call to Action to support street kids through the #HKMN Campaign. The song reminds all that God is interested in the minutest details of our lives. “I Need You” was released on the September 26, 2020; an authentic, unscripted and frank song that highlights our true posture of worship before God, without whom we cannot take the next step.

These songs and a wonderful blend of other spirit-filled ones on the album usher the listeners into a world of delicate acoustic guitar sounds, electronic elements, as well as unique percussive sounds, with an intercontinental mix of captivating vocal textures and layers of soothing brass and pad tones.

This album also features musicians like Pastor Helen Yawson, Pastor Isaiah Fosu-Kwakye Jnr, Adzo Atitsogbui, Eric Lige, Emmanuel Bludo, Francis Osei, Jerby Djokoto, Jesse Djokoto,  etc.

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I’M WHOLE AGAIN will be on all online digital platforms from December 4, 2020.

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