Passengers stranded for hours at Cape Coast MMT bus terminal

mmt-1Scores of passengers traveling to various destinations across the country were Friday morning left stranded at the Cape Coast Metro Mass Transit bus terminal; triggering speculations of breakdown of buses.
By 8:30am long queues had formed at the terminal with few buses available to convey the passengers to their various destination.
The passengers who were not informed of the situation at the time concluded the buses had broken down, a claim the Regional Manager debunked.
Mr Benjamin Kwesi Asare Tandoh told Onua FM’s Kwame Kakraba that the situation was due to the volume of people traveling for the purposes of the Christmas season.
He said they had enough buses, noting that of the 50 buses that they have, only two are off road due to breakdown, and that the rest were picking passengers to their respective destinations.
“Truly, we had a bit challenge because of the Christmas. During Christmas holiday people want to travel and that they want to travel at the same time because the festivity bring a lot of people together,” he told our correspondent.
“We’re working; we are moving the people to their various destination,” he said.
Mr Tandoh also said they had arrangement with some Senior High Secondary Schools to provide transport their students from campus to their homes to which 15 buses were released for that purposes.
“You know secondary schools are a bit vulnerable compared to the grown ups so wee made an arrangement with the authorities that we bring them busses to their various schools to pick them to their houses,” he stated.
He said they made sure that there were more than 20 buses left to transport other passengers from their bus terminal.

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